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Finally step into your next level of visibility and reach the people who are waiting to hear from you in 2022

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Do you feel like your big dreams of becoming a thought-leader in your industry are daunting and out of reach?

I remember keeping myself small when I first worked behind-the-scenes in entertainment news.


I was so scared and intimidated by the thought of working a real red carpet event out in the field. I couldn’t bring myself to push past my fear of becoming the interviewer, directing the shoot, and talking face-to-face to the celebrities I had admired my whole life.

I never thought I’d leave my comfort zone of staying in the office and finally step into the spotlight.


Cut to today, I’m a 2X Emmy Award winner who has interviewed hundreds of celebrities on the biggest red carpets in Hollywood and has since pushed past fear once again to become an entrepreneur. My ability to step out of my comfort zone and into visibility has expanded exponentially and continues to grow.


Because I learned how to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

I figured out how to turn anxiousness into excitement.

I mastered making fear my friend.

Nobody knows what it's like to step into the spotlight until you experience it for yourself. 

Nobody knows how the media operates until you’ve been on the inside.

Nobody knows the tools, skills and insight needed to earn media exposure until you’ve been taught them.

You have to learn it, do it, and sustain it to make an impact.


… then the 2022 EXPAND YOUR REACH WEBINAR is for you.

You’re DONE with continuing to feel like you are your industry’s best kept secret.

You’re DONE staying small, playing inside your comfort zone, and not reaching the people who need you.


You’re DONE feeling overwhelmed by the thought of getting visible and putting yourself out there.

You’re DONE feeling like you don’t have the time or resources to earn consistent media exposure.

In this free, live 60-min webinar, you’ll learn:

How to cultivate a visibility mindset and step into becoming the thought-leader of your industry.


Why YOU & your team are the best people to be earning your media exposure.

Why NOW is the time to start taking small daily action to build up your media momentum going into 2022.

How to use the 5 R's framework to secure the most impactful and powerful media exposure that's sustainable longterm.

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is a free, live event to help you increase your visibility by stepping into the thought-leader version of yourself and make 2022 a year of expansive growth. Whether your goal is to start getting your name in digital publications, or land national TV interviews, this webinar will prep you on how to make it happen.

& BONUS...

You will leave this webinar with clarity and a planned out PR strategy you can start to implement asap.

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2022 is here, which means the time is now to get serious about setting yourself up for visibility in this new year.

Whether your goal is to start getting your name in digital publications or land national TV interviews… whether it’s being able to add that big shot media logo to your bios, sharing your TV interview with your following, or being interviewed by your favorite podcast host.

It's YOUR time...

It’s TIME to skyrocket your visibility by being featured in top-tier, high quality media outlets.

It’s TIME to become a thought-leader in your industry and build relationships with the media as their go-to industry expert.

It’s TIME to increase your reach and tap into a bigger market of your target audience.

It’s TIME to spread your message through digital features, podcast interviews, TV segments, contributor articles, speaking events & more.

It’s TIME to become a PR generating machine with ease!

& it’s time for you to sign up for this free, live webinar, so I can show you how

These business owners are landing dream exposure, and so can you—

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Megan Swan
Mindset & Wellness Coach, Megan Swan Wellness

"Kayley is an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Literally after spending one hour with her I went from having no idea how to get press to dedicating 10 minutes a day to pitching which has landed me 4 digital feature interviews and a quote as an expert in another well known publication within a few weeks of putting her advice into practice. Not to mention she is such a sweetheart and really has her clients' best interests at heart. I would work with her sooner rather than later!"

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Lauren Petrullo
CEO & Founder, Mongoose Media

"I couldn't believe ALL THE VALUE Kayley provided. I thought I had a story to share, she showed me that really I have like 15 bajillion! She tailored pitch recommendations based on publications I want to get featured in and took the fear out of pitching. The process was so clear. The workflow is manageable. I've instituted KAYLEY Media's process as is on my team for my brand AND my clients. We have 3 team members following this formula and follow-up strategy.

I always knew that I had a story to tell... I just couldn't do it. Enter Kayley Media. This was seriously the best investment I made for the long term result. Earned media is worth its weight in GOLD. I got sick of the imposter syndrome and watching less qualified leaders get featured referencing outdated material and worst practice solutions. Kayley's curriculum took the anxiety out of the pitch and I was able to pass this to my team to implement. Now we're tracking 5 pitches a week leveraging the highly tailored pitches Kayley helped craft. Thank you!!!!!"

Cindy Maricle headshot.jpg

Kayley Hamilton and her team have been an amazing resource for my business!  Kayley's expertise, professionalism, and passionate commitment to my success has been extraordinary.  She is a beautiful person with impeccable style and integrity.  As an entrepreneur I appreciate what it takes to provide this level of customer service.  Kayley Media is the missing link to take my business to the next level, with  tools which empower me to offer my expertise and serve a much larger audience.  The media exposure I have received is invaluable as I continue to build my brand and make a positive global impact. Thank You!

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Kayley is a 2X Emmy Award-winning entertainment news producer and reporter with top experience producing the #1 entertainment news show, interviewing world-renowned celebrities, and reporting from the biggest red carpets in Hollywood. 


She has taken her years of experience as a member of the media and founded KAYLEY Media to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs use the power of the media to reach new audiences and become thought-leaders in their industries. 


Her clients have been featured in: Forbes, Yahoo!, Thrive Global, Refinery29, The Wrap, Ticker News, Tatler, HelloGiggles, LiveKindly, Influencive, TravelAwaits, & more.

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KAYLEY Media Website 2_edited.png
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