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Founder of KAYLEY Media and 2X Emmy-Award winning celebrity news reporter, journalist and producer turned media coach and consultant. I grew up mesmerized by the glamour of Hollywood and the influence of celebrity. My childhood dream was to meet the people whom the world adored, to speak with them face-to-face and to connect with them as humans. I didn’t want to be them — I wanted to know them. Although I was an extremely shy young girl from Colorado, my heart was always set on the bright lights of Hollywood. By having just slightly more self-belief than doubt that I could manifest my dream of being a red carpet reporter, I pushed past fear and made my Hollywood dreams come true.

As a celebrity journalist, I’ve interviewed hundreds of A-list stars including  The Rock, Kim Kardashian, Chris Pratt and Katy Perry — and I’ve done so on the biggest red carpets including The Oscars, The Golden Globes, The Grammys and The Emmys. I’ve worked alongside the most talented and hard-working people in the entertainment industry and have experienced the ‘behind the scenes’ of TV, digital and print news media.

In 2020 when life changed for us all, I experienced a rock bottom and turned inward to search for guidance. Through the power of the media, thought-leaders, experts, high-value and heart-centered people found me. It was because of podcasts, digital articles, television segments, blogs, virtual talks and more that I was able to discover distant mentors who expanded my outlook on life and helped me restructure the vision for what I believed was possible for my future.


In 2021, KAYLEY Media was established to guide mindful, heart-centered and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to reach the people waiting to hear from them by spreading their message and increasing their visibility through the power of earned media exposure.

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